Advise to a Bride and Groom on Their Wedding Day

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By Dr. Russell A. Primrose,

(Witnessed in the Elizabeth Barrett Browning Library at Baylor University on June 29, 2013)

Dear Ones,

You have just entered in to a covenant relationship, ordained and blessed by God as a union between one man and one woman for the rest of your lives. This covenant bond is far deeper than any puppy love, courtship, close family ties, or any other contractual arrangement that you might have. It is deeply blessed by God, and far stronger than any other union you might know about. Only another covenant bond that God makes with His people on a few occasions can have the same duration and intensity.

It was emotional for me to watch your ceremony, because only few years ago (54+) that was me with my beautiful bride, who is no more. Upon the death of a spouse, the covenant arrangement is completed, which you have started on this day of your marriage The emotional pain of covenant termination is unexpectedly intense and will last as long as their memory, yet the memory is sweet. I know that almost half of all married people will face this separation, but please accept this suffering as a tribute to them, and do not let it dissuade you from entering wholeheartedly into the joy and the bounty of the covenant you have just established.

Instead, enter into the joy of this bond, and find your spouse, your soul mate, your best friend, your lover, your confidant, your strength and your fulfillment. This is the person that God has blessed you with in this covenant union. Love them as intensely as you can. Become a considerate lover, friend and confidant. Be as intense in your relationship as you possibly can. Work hard and deliberately to enjoy them to the fullest while they are still here. Set sail into these uncharted waters. Or, in the words of the song, "Launch out into the deep, and let the shoreline go", keeping yourself only to your spouse.

God bless you in this union. May the rest of your life be fruitful and of great benefit because of the covenant agreement that you have entered into today.

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