When God's Son Died

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By DR. Russell A. Primrose 12/25/13

To lose a loved one hurts so much,
We long to feel their precious touch.
God must have hurt when His son died.
Cherubim and angels must have cried.
His miracle birth a life away.
The enemy of our soul held sway.
When God’s Son died.

God had shaken earth and stone
The veil was rent, the sunshine flown.
Christ was forsaken in His need.
His isolation was decreed.
A new hewn tomb had been His bed.
And for our healing He had bled.
When God’s Son died.

A miracle was yet to come:
The resurrection of the Son.
He arose triumphant from the grave,
Our souls and broken lives to save.
He restores us to our rightful place
Where we can see His holy face.
When God’s Son arose.
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